Lazy Sundays

October 09, 2013

I wish to say it's a lazy sunday today but unfortunately it isn't. I might have succumbed to the dungarees and denim overalls trend though I might be late. I always contemplated if it was more of a tomboy or I'm a kid look (still not very sure..) Currently thinking of chunky scarfs, oversized jackets and layering for A/W. On the other hand kimonos are probably the brightest and cutest things I've ever seen and it's time to be on the look out for them though I'm never able to find one that's under the price of $50.  I am still in the midst of prepping for exams which is a bore. Never failing to bring me to utter disappointment and lack of motivation but yay. Probably just looking forward to the aftermath of exams. 

Source: tumblr

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