Australia Photo Diary

December 31, 2013

Disclaimer: The photos aren't in chronological order. 
I went to a few parts of Australia: Brisbane; Surfer's Paradise and Cairns. I spent most of my time in Cairns relaxing by the pool, Snorkelling in the hotel pool- yes there are fishes in there, jet skiing on calm waters, visiting theme parks reliving childhood memories and generally soaking up the sun. I tan very easily which is a bummer and I'm positively sure I've gone almost a shade darker despite the heaps of sunblock I applied. Most of the pictures were taken by my Iphone but the quality seems pretty good and I hope they don't bother you. I've also made a video so if you'd like to check it out it's down below.
Lastly, wishing my readers a happy new year and good things to come in 2014. Hoping everyone has not neglected their new year's resolutions and brought it to the upcoming year but instead having new ones to achieve new goals and expectations that you never thought you would do.



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