Bangkok Photo Diary

December 14, 2013

We embarked on our journey mentally preparing ourselves for bustling streets as there had been riots recently but luckily all was fine as we tried to stay in the safe areas. The Christmas spirit is literally everywhere with christmas trees around every corner heavily decorated with dainty ornaments and christmas lights flickering in the night sky, which is one of the reasons why I love Christmas. 
Finding Isabel Marant collections at H&M was pure bliss-trying on the leftover oversized jackets and side stitched leather pants then reluctantly putting it back on the rack because I have absolute no use for it.
Filling my dessert pouch(aka just the stomach) with: ice cream; krispy kreme; plates of mango sticky rice and soft honey bread with ice cream. Room service at 12am and clinking coke bottles before snuggling into the sheets watching 'Bicentennial Man' consequently falling asleep. On a sad note, I wish I had brought my swimming costume to take a dip in the pool which only appealed to me when I got there. Other than that, Bangkok was amazing and I would kill to have another plate of mango sticky rice right now. 

Till the next journey, see ya! 

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