Early Christmas

December 05, 2013

These are just a few of my instagram photos if you don't follow me (@takenoffandlanded) it's probably about time... just saying. *hint* A few photos for the beginning of December!

1. Christmas is not usually a big thing in the family; more of a day for family time and the warmth of each others presence and being together so I guess that's our definition of Christmas. On the contrary, shiny glittered ornaments never fail to attract me which are just small trinkets that I like to hoard and end up leaving it in a drawer forever till I find it again. 

2. Time is in my hands and I managed to snag some time to bake delicacies- madelines and cupcakes. The best part was that it was bite sized which was probably why it was gobbled down within minutes. Sushi has been my best friend since of late, despite the step-by-step picture instructions that are imprinted on the plastic wrap, I still haven't mastered taking it off making a perfect hand roll but presentation isn't everything as it just ends up in my belly anyways. 

3. & 4. These are just a couple of pictures I took on my phone when I went to Haji Lane (aka hipster ville). The vintage shops was very picturesque filled with street art which I should have taken more of.  As it was my first time there after my 4 and a half years living in Singapore there's going to be a blog post about it soon so stay tuned. 

Hope everyone is enjoying themselves and have great Christmas plans ahead. 

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