December 17, 2013

Top from zara, skirt from cos, shoes from superga and necklace random 

My hair likes to play this game with me called being as flat as possible despite the millions of sea salt I squirt into my hair it's not holding up. Defeating the battle of flattening hair is a struggle, if anyone has any tips feel free to tell me! 
I finally managed to shop at COS in Singapore and it's beautiful- clothes all on racks evenly spread apart, crisp shirts, A line skirts and oversized versatile jackets for winter. I particularly liked this wool-ish grey skirt that I found with the subtle flare at the bottom and it was a neutral colour (basically matches with everything). Pairing it with my buttoned-up collar which made the look seem like I was going to work but then again I'm 14.. 
I'm off to Australia in a few days time and won't be blogging as much but hopefully back with travel diaries! 

P.S From now onwards my photo editor is photoshop because I finally managed to clear up all the junk in my computer and had space to download it. On the plus side I managed to figure out how to make a gif, I'm literally squealing.

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