January 30, 2014

lace top from pull and bear, denim shirt from urban outfitters, skirt from a.p.c and nike flyknits. pictures by my brother.

Might be over-wearing my denim shirt but it matches with everything so I might as well give in. On the other hand, skating in skirts is probably one of the most challenging things as you have to do it with poise and try not to fall hopelessly sending the board flying in the air. Impromptu shooting today to skate into the Chinese new year, I had to literally beg my brother to help me take photos. Sorry for the irregular posting as I'm currently trying to balance homework with blogging which is obviously failing. Currently burying myself under piles of homework that are all halfway done and probably should get back to it. Other than that, hope you guys have a happy new year stuffing your faces with tons of goodies along with many red packets to come. 

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