Korea video diary

April 15, 2014

First trips to places are usually more memorable and Korea was definitely very vibrant-bustling night scenes with good local street side food, not to mention the people are friendly despite the language barrier. The trip mostly consisted of good food and beautiful scenery, one of my favourite places was Myeongdong and I had to go there twice just to relish the bright neon lights at night and atmosphere. Just venturing every corner and getting lost was probably much thrilling as you never knew what shops were around the corner.  Though there were some chilly nights the streets were pleasant for strolling. Unfortunately, I didn't manage to catch the sakuras' blooming but overall it was an enjoyable trip and I would love to go back again!
I made a small video montage and I'm sorry I didn't manage to catch much footage as it was generally walking and exploring streets. 

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