Picnic mats

April 16, 2014

 wearing: cap from american apparel, top from zara, skirt from aland and ancient greek sandals

Bad lighting is probably not the solution and I should probably refrain from doing indoor shoots at night. I hope the editing doesn't burn your eyes and me constantly looking sleepy in every post. I can't get enough of my zara fleece and you guys have probably seen this shirt a gazillion times which is probably be in more posts later on and I'm not regretting it. I'm still hooked on the checkered trend which never fails to remind of picnic mats for some reason and not ready for spring pastels yet so probably sticking with primary colours. I also think I might have a growing penchant for caps/hats/headgear as it holds my hair without getting into my face adding a little tomboy in me(at least I hope so). On the other hand my feet feel caged up in these gladiator sandals but definitely in a snug cool way so I can fly off whenever from my homework when in desperate measures. 

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