B & W part 2

May 29, 2014

Wearing: Top and shorts from H&M and CDG x converse shoes

Went against my word and stayed back to black and played with textures. Never really see myself as a cropped sweatshirt kind of person but here I am exposing skin still sweating like a pig. I've also been on the hunt for lace shorts not too sheer and not too holey so I'd get caught onto people and this might be the one (or many hunts to go). Not to mention its elastic waistband so I can wear it as high for the high waisted looks. Sometimes playing it safe with black and white is probably the easiest method to keep it basic but also everlasting. Also my sneakers are losing its cream look and turning more into leaving black bruises of dirt on them, I probably should start giving it a clean. I must say though I have the awkwardest poses and please excuse my natural sleepy face.


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